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This page is part of our old website and the information on it may no longer be current. Please check our home page for more current information.

Alex Dunne Columns

Some files are in .pdf format. For obtaining a free version of Acrobat Reader please go to: Acrobat Reader

Now available online: "The Check is in the Mail" columns for:

Correspondence chessplayers are invited to send their comments, questions and correspondence games (with or without annotation). Because of the volume of mail, submissions cannot be returned, and personal replies are not possible. Send your letters to:

Alex Dunne
Chess Life
3054 NYS Route 9W
New Windsor, NY 12553
[email protected]


For a variety of lessons designed for all level of chess players, e-mail [email protected] for more information. You will be pleased with this service!


Is it right that beauty is so often only its own reward? Surely not! And thanks to the generosity of Dr. Ronald Hames, the scales of justice have become more evenly balanced between how one wins and the hard fact of victory. For now in Chess Life the players who conduct scintillating games will receive the Hames Correspondence Game of the Year Awards.

Resident postal editor Alex Dunne is the judge of a contest with prizes of $100 for the best game by a master and $100 for the best game by a non-master to appear in "The Check Is in the Mail" [Mr. Dunne's column in CHESS LIFE MAGAZINE. Ed.] during a given year.

What better reason, then, to send your postal brilliancies to Alex Dunne.

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