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2018 US Open Mixed Couple Prizes 
Alexander Fishbein    $300 1st Place Under 2200 
Rachael Li            $300 1st Place Under 2200 
Shaunak Bhattacharyya $80  1st Place Tie U1800 
Gauri Menon           $80  1st Place Tie U1800 
Vincent Do            $80  1st Place Tie U1800 
Linda Pham            $80  1st Place Tie U1800 
Eli M Karp            $150 Mother & Son 
Leila A D'aquin       $150 Mother & Son 
James F Ulrich        $150 Father & Daughter 
Susanna G Ulrich      $150 Father & Daughter 
Josh S Bloomer        $150 Coach & Student 
Sara Herman           $150 Coach & Student 
Linden Li             $150 Brother & Sister 
Alice Lee             $150 Brother & Sister 
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