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 No.  Name                        St  Rate  Pts  Rnd1  Rnd2  Rnd3  Rnd4  Rnd5 
   1  WILLY, STEPHEN              WA  1978  4.5 W 23w W 26b D  7w W 18b W  6b 
   2  Burnett, Ronald Wayne       TN  2375  4.0  -H-  W 27b D 14w W 15w W  7b 
   3  WAN, JOSEPH CHENG-YUE       IA  2308  4.0 L 15b W 19w W 22b W 13w W 12b 
   4  MEYER, LARS AUGUST          CA  2285  4.0 W 22b W 13w W 12b L  6w W 11b 
   5  Snow, Zachary Isaac         AL  2131  4.0 W 29w L  8b W 17w W 14b W 16w 
   6  Mei, Austin R               CA  2265  3.5  -B-  W 21w D  8b W  4b L  1w 
   7  JOU, ESTHER                 CA  1863  3.5 W 33b W 10w D  1b W  8w L  2w 
   8  KOTBAGI, MIHIR A            CA  1770  3.5 W 31b W  5w D  6w L  7b W 18w 
   9  Kaufman, Lawrence Charles   MD  2314  3.0 W 28w L 12b W 29w L 11b W 22w 
  10  Tabor, Kai                  FL  2036  3.0 W 17w L  7b L 16w W 20b W 23w 
  11  DAS, ROHAN                  CA  2005  3.0 W 30b L 15w W 25b W  9w L  4w 
  12  WANG, YUQI                  CA  1965  3.0 W 20b W  9w L  4w W 27b L  3w 
  13  Weber, Madeline L           WI  1909  3.0 W 24w L  4b W 26w L  3b W 25b 
  14  NARULA, GAUTAM R            NY  1872  3.0 W 32w D 18b D  2b L  5w W 26w 
  15  Khademzadeh, Aiden          CA  1823  3.0 W  3w W 11b L 18w L  2b W 27w 
  16  VISHAL, VYAS                UT  1588  3.0 L 18w W 24b W 10b W 21w L  5b 
  17  CHRISTIANSEN, ERIK MICHAEL  UT  1544  3.0 L 10b W 33w L  5b W 31w W 21b 
  18  Harrison, Joshua Alan       FL  2129  2.5 W 16b D 14w W 15b L  1w L  8b 
  19  Mulford, Michael A          MO  1775  2.5  -H-  L  3b L 20w W 33w W 29b 
  20  Verma, Angelina             MD  1296  2.5 L 12w D 28b W 19b L 10w W 30b 
  21  VAN DER VELDEN, AXEL        CA  1976  2.0 W 25w L  6b W 32w L 16b L 17w 
  22  Manuel, Grayson             CO  1670  2.0 L  4w W 23b L  3w W 32b L  9b 
  23  Buchireddy, Neeli           AR  1422  2.0 L  1b L 22w W 33b W 30w L 10b 
  24  Armbruster, Thomas E        CA  1214  2.0 L 13b L 16w L 30b  -B-  W 32w 
  25  MARZBAN, BRANDON ASHKAN     CA   700  2.0 L 21b  -B-  L 11w W 29b L 13w 
  26  Khademzadeh, Elsa           CA   616  2.0  -X-  L  1w L 13b W 28w L 14b 
  27  Fang, Zelin                 TX   612  2.0  -B-  L  2w W 28b L 12w L 15b 
  28  Meir, Edwin                 CA  1742  1.5 L  9b D 20w L 27w L 26b W 31b 
  29  Steffes, Mark               CA  1640  1.0 L  5b W 31w L  9b L 25w L 19w 
  30  FLORES, SALVADOR E          CA  1507  1.0 L 11w L 32b W 24w L 23b L 20w 
  31  BAER, STEVEN L              NY  1200  1.0 L  8w L 29b  -B-  L 17b L 28w 
  32  Fang, Hai                             1.0 L 14b W 30w L 21b L 22w L 24b 
  33  ZADORI, PETER OTTO          CA        1.0 L  7w L 17b L 23w L 19b  -B-  
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