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By US Chess Scoop   
April 10, 2012
GM Magesh Panchanathan & Anuprita Patil

GM Magesh Panchanathan took clear first at the Philadelphia Open, earning over $5000 for his efforts. He described his final round game as “not a quality game from my part, particularly in the opening” but “entertaining nevertheless.” On finally winning an endgame that he seemed to have only drawing chances in, Magesh said, “The real problem though was that (Tamaz Gelashvili) did not think that there was even the slimmest of chances for him to lose the game and that made him a tad bit careless.”

Magesh was recently married and his wife, Anuprita Patil (2094 FIDE, 2062 USCF) was also playing in the tournament. She scored 3.5 in the Open section, picking up over 20 USCF rating points. Magesh said “I finished my MS in Computer science with UTD in 2008, I have been into chess since then."  As a newlywed, Magesh said "I am trying to reduce the number of tournaments I am playing to try and improve the quality of my chess. Particularly, my openings are a glaring loop hole. I was joking about how I can write a book on 'ridiculous opening ideas.'" Magesh said that he loves Philly and will likely return this summer for the World Open or the Philadelphia International.

The US Chess Scoop got a chance to talk to many of Magesh’s closest competitors on their most interesting games and how they'd fare in a big adult pillow fight held the same weekend in Philly's Washington Square Park. The video features GMs Sam Shankland, Jon Ludwig Hammer, Varuzhan Akobian, IMs Rusudan Goletiani, Daniel Naroditsky & WGM Nadya Ortiz.  Special thanks to FIDE Arbiter Chris Bird for his help with the video.

Play through some of the games mentioned and find full crosstables, pgn file and a photo gallery on philadelphiaopen.net.  

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