Onischuk Leads in Final Round in Biel
By Jennifer Shahade   
August 2, 2007

by Jennifer Shahade

In round 8 of the Biel International Chess Festival, Alex Onischuk rebounded into the lead (along with Radjabov) with a sparkling win over Boris Avrukh. The leader prior to the round, Magnus Carlsen, conveniently lost to Loek Van Wely. Today Alexander is playing Motylev for 1st place.

Biel International Chess Festival
Standings after 8 Rounds

1-2- Alexander Onischuk and Teimor Radjabov- 5
3-5-Magnus Carlsen, Judit Polgar and Yannick Pelletier-4.5
6- Alexander Grischuk-4
7-8- Bu Xianghzi and Boris Avrukh- 3.5
9-Alexander Motylev-3
10-Loek Van Wely-2.5

Alex began the Biel International chess festival brilliantly, defeating both Alexander Grischuk and Loek Van Wely in the first four rounds. His chances for first placed dimmed with a fifth round loss to Magnus Carlsen. In his eighth round game against Boris Avrukh of Israel, Onischuk managed to spark a fire on the board to climb back up to the top of the standings:


27.Qxe7 is a beautiful and unusual in-between move. (He needed to have this move, because 26.Rxd1 Qxd1 27.Kh2 Qd6 would be good for Black.) Black cannot save the rook on c1 and prevent Bh6-Qf8# mate at the same time. Avrukh found the only move, Rh1+, but even here, White still had a winning edge.