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By Jennifer Shahade   
November 20, 2007
Ray Robson. Photo Dujiu Yang.
In the third round of the World Youth (Antalya, Turkey, November 18-28), the U.S. team scored 21/33. We still have five perfect scores on our squad: Ray Robson in the Boys Under 16, Daniel Naroditsky in the Boys Under 12, Dachey Lin in the Boys Under 8, Sarah Chiang in the Girls Under and Simone Liao in the Girls Under 8. Here are the point totals for the U.S. squad:

Girls U18  

Ettie Nikolova     1.5
Elina Kats     1
Julia Kerr     1
Girls U16    
WFM Alisa Melekhina     2
Abby Marshall     2.5
Courtney Jamison     2
Louiza Livschitz    2
Girls U14    
Dai Yang     2.5
Jennie Liu    0.5
Gayatri Vempati     1
Girls U12 
Alena Kuzniatsova     2
Anna Matlin     2
Girls U10    
Sarah Chiang    3
Ellen Xiang    2
Girls U8    
Evan Xiang    1.5
Simone Liao     3
Boys U18    
FM Elliot Liu     2
Boys U16   
Marc Tyler Arnold    2
Warren Harper     1
Samuel Shankland    2.5
Boys U14    
FM Ray Robson     3
Victor Shen     2
Alec Getz    2
Michael Yee    2.5
Christian Tanaka     1.5
Boys Under 12  
Daniel Naroditsky     3
FM Darwin Yang    2
Christopher Heung    2
Boys Under 10    
Brian Luo     2
Varun Krishnan    1
Jarod Pamatmat     2
Boys Under 8    
Jonathan Chiang     2.5
Dachey Lin     3

Abby Marshall (who will be writing another blog soon,) swindled her Indian opponent to earn a draw. She now has 2.5/3.


It looked like Abby's game was close to resignable for many moves. Her opponent did have a lot of ways to win, but the most obvious mistake was in the following position:

Position after 55...Kg2

Here White should simply go after the e-pawn with the king, so that when Abby takes the g-pawn and starts to push her h-pawn, White can simply sacrifice the knight when the pawn gets to h3. Instead White played Nf7? here, allowing Kxh2 Nxe5 Kxg3, when the pawns end up queening at the same time.

Simone Liao continued her winning ways in the Under 8 against a Turkish girl.


Alec Getz by the Mediterranean Sea. Photo Deren Getz

We close this report with a position from Alec Getz, who is pictured above:

Position after 30...a6

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