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By Jennifer Shahade   
November 25, 2007
Sarah Chiang has 7/8 in the Girls Under 10. Photo Dujiu Yang.
In the eighth round of the World Youth (Antalya, Turkey, Nov.18-28), the U.S. team scored 21.5/33. Unfortunately, our highest scorer up to this point, Daniel Naroditsky lost his first game of the event against FM Ulvi Bajarani from Azerbaijan. Brian Luo in the Boys Under 10 also lost on board two. On the bright side, Sarah Chiang is in first place in the Girls Under 10 with 7/8. Ray Robson also broke his streak of three draws with a win, putting him on 6.5/8.

Daniel now has 6.5/8, and is still in medal contention with three rounds to go. The following game seriously damaged his chances for gold though. Bajarani dominated the game on the dark squares, and played accurately enough to give Daniel few chances to get back in the game.


Meanwhile, Sarah Chiang continues her excellent play in the Girls Under 10. Here she won pretty easily after winning the c5 pawn on move eight.


Tomorrow Sarah plays on board one against Anastasya Paramzina from Russia. Good luck to Sarah!

World Youth  (November 18-28, Antalya, Turkey)
U.S. Team member scores after 8 rounds
Girls U18   
Ettie Nikolova     5
Elina Kats     3.5
Julia Kerr     3.5
Girls U16     
WFM Alisa Melekhina     4.5
Abby Marshall     5
Courtney Jamison     4
Louiza Livschitz    4.5
Girls U14     
Dai Yang     4.5
Jennie Liu    3
Gayatri Vempati     4
Girls U12     
Alena Kuzniatsova     5
Anna Matlin     4.5
Girls U10     
Sarah Chiang    7
Ellen Xiang    4.5
Girls U8     
Evan Xiang    5.5
Simone Liao     6
Boys U18     
FM Elliot Liu     4.5
Boys U16     
Marc Tyler Arnold    5.5
Warren Harper     4.5
Samuel Shankland    4.5
Boys U14     
FM Ray Robson     6.5
Victor Shen     4
Alec Getz    5
Michael Yee    5
Christian Tanaka     5
Boys Under 12     
Daniel Naroditsky     6.5
FM Darwin Yang    5
Christopher Heung    4
Boys Under 10     
Brian Luo     6
Varun Krishnan    5
Jarod Pamatmat     4.5
Boys Under 8      
Jonathan Chiang     6
Dachey Lin     6