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By Betsy Dynako   
November 20, 2007
St.Louis' most famous landmark, the Gateway Arch. Photo Betsy Dynako
The skies were clear and the sun shone brightly on the St. Louis Arch during the weekend of November 17th. The cheery sky was a reflection of the joy on the player's faces at the 2007 National Youth Action tournament, where the Millennium Hotel hosted 476 players from locations as far away as Hawaii.

The National Youth Action tournament is the smallest of the National Scholastic tournaments and kicks off the 2007-08 scholastic calendar. The event was a good omen, as it was very well organized. Wayne Clark, the chief tournament director, even said so himself, “I can't recall another National Scholastic Tournament that ran any smoother than this one.”

Clark and floor chief Bill Snead led the staff in assuring timely pairings, rounds, and fair rulings, and I’m not just saying that because I was one of the tournament directors. The ever appreciated and valuable volunteers, such as a mother of six, Mrs. Smith of Missouri, played a large role in assuring the success of the tournament. Pairing chief Phil Smith even had the tournament rated  before the closing ceremony. He received a standing ovation when his accomplishment was announced to the crowd. As Smith exited the room, one player was already on the phone asking his mother to look up his new rating.

Texas made a strong showing. Stanley Yang of the K-12 section and Outeng He, who played in the K-3 section, both started on board one and never left.
Outeng He, K-3 champion, with his mother. Photo Betsy Dynako

Considering this was Yang’s first National Youth Action, he played well and was proud of himself. Rightfully so, as Yang defeated the only player higher rated than himself in round seven, Tony Cao of Illinois.


Stanley Yang, winner of the K-12 section of the National Youth Action. Photo Betsy Dynako.

I asked Stanley what he thought of the shorter time control and he said, “I think that the youth action expresses how you play under stress. There is quicker thinking; it is more exciting than 2 hour games.” On Sunday morning I asked him who was going to win the event. He blushed and said, “Can I say anything else than myself?”
Matthew Dahl tied for first in the K-9, and took the second place trophy on tiebreak. Photo Betsy Dynako. 

In the K-9 section, Andrew Ng and Matthew Dahl tied for first, though Ng took the first place trophy on tiebreak. Here is their round seven face-off.


And here is another nice attacking win from Matthew:


There was a four-way tie in the K-6 section between Kevin Bu, Kevin Y.Cao, Sean Vibbert and Robert M. Perez. In the K-3, Outeng He took clear first. For more games, check out the index on monroi.com.


1.Stanley Yang- 8.5/9
2. Tony Cao-7.5/9
3-4- Frankie T.Swindell and Ted Belanoff – 7/9
Click here for complete Crosstable and rating changes.

Andrew Ng and Matthew Dahl- 8/9
Quentin Moore, Sylvia S.Yang, Isaiah Gadson- 7/9
Click here for complete Crosstable and rating changes. 

Kevin Bu, Kevin Y.Cao, Sean Vibbert, Robert M. Perez- 7.5/9
Gabin Jacob Mc Clanahan, William M.Tong, Amador Victorino DeLamerced, Eddie McDougal, Jialin Ding and Joshua B. Jaffe- 7/9
Click here for complete Crosstable and rating changes.


Outeng He- 8.5/9
Tainye Zhang, Alex Bian, Bryce McClanahan, Ian P. GilChrist, Seth Taylor-Brill, Viswaarth Vijay, Conrad Oberhaus and Jonathan Choi- 7/9
Click here for complete Crosstable and rating changes.
In just a few short weeks the K-12 Collegiate Championship will commence at the very comfortable Hilton Americas of Houston hotel. If you haven’t done so yet, it is time to register.  This Houston location is in the heart of downtown, offering many activities from sports to historic sightseeing between rounds. However, you might not want to stray far, as GM Gilberto Hernandez will be giving a simul and lecture, and there will be blitz and bughouse tournaments.

National Youth Action Photo Gallery by Betsy Dyanko
So many choices...

All the kids hope for these..

Sylvia Yang, 3rd place in the K-9

The Cary Chess Kings from Illinois, 3rd place in the K-12.

The 1st place K-3 team, the Sprague Half Day School from Lincoln Illinois, poses with Pat Knight and Jerry Nash of the USCF.

The Clio Knight Stalkers