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Negi Wins Philadelphia International Print E-mail
By Jennifer Shahade   
July 2, 2008
GM Parimarjan Negi
The 15-year-old Indian GM, Parimarjan Negi cruised into clear first at the Philadelphia International (June 26-30) after winning his first five games and drawing his final four. In other great news for the large Indian chess delegation now in Philly, IM Arun Prasad earned clear second plus the rating points for his GM title (he already has three norms.)

Indian media reports on chess regularly with sports-style commentary; check out: "Negi Wins as Indian GMs Rule in Philadelphia."

Prasad and Negi fought to a draw in round six in a long Grunfeld game:


GM Julio Becerra was the highest scoring American player, delivering a crucial blow to Indian IM Rajaram Laxman in round six. In the following position, Becerra found a scary move:
Position after 32.Rb4

Becerra played 32...Re8 with the idea 33.axb5 Re2 when the rook is supposedly taboo in view of Bxd5.  But White can play 33. axb5 anyway when 33...Re2 34. Bxe2 Bxd5+ 35. Qxd5 Qxd5+ 36. Bf3 Qd6 37. bxa6! Qxa6 (Qxb4? a7 wins!) has got to be a draw. In the game White played Kf1 but lost more important material after 33...Re5. 


 Gabriel Battaglini of France earned an IM norm in the Philadelphia International.


The action continues non-stop in Philadelphia. June 30 saw the start of the World Open's 7-day schedule. The Open section features GM Artur Yusupov as number one seed. Check out 7-day results from all sections here.  The larger 5-day schedule begins tonight.