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Ftacnik and Negi Lead Print E-mail
By Jennifer Shahade   
July 6, 2008
GMs Lubomir Ftacnik and Parmijaran Negi lead the World Open (July 1-7, Philadelphia) with 6.5/8 with one round to go. They will face off in the final round for a chance at clear first. In round eight, Ftacnik defeated IM Jiri Stocek in an opening he specializes in, the Grunfeld. In the final position White resigned because if he trades rooks on d7, the Knight on c6 is attacked by the Bd7. If Ne5 Bxe5 and White cannot recapture because of Bc6 mate. Na5 meets a similar fate after Ba5, when White will either lose a piece or get mated.


Meanwhile, Philadelphia International champ 15-year-old Parmijaran Negi defeated GM Alexander Shabalov in the Advanced French:


Alexander Shabalov. Photo Ola Osanyinjobi

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