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Biel Wraps as Sochi Kicks Off Print E-mail
By Jennifer Shahade   
July 31, 2008
Two Americans drew with Black today in elite tournaments, as Biel wrapped up and Sochi kicked off. In the Biel International Chess Festival, Evgeny Alekseev took first place from behind, winning a clutch playoff game against GM Lenier Dominguez, who had been leading the entire second half.


Onsichuk drew his final round game against Carlsen, keeping the pre-tournament favorite out of the winner's circle.


Dominguez went into the final round a full point ahead of the field. A last round draw against Bacrot would have given him clear first. The following position looks hopeless for Dominguez but with creative defense or Rybka, Black can hang on to his piece and hold on to draw chances.

Bacrot-Dominguez, Black to Move

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Unfortunately the young Cuban star blundered with 34...Rc1+. Sometimes a check can do a lot of damage-to the checker! Now the black rook on c5 is not pressuring the Bd5, and Black has no tricks left and resigned a couple moves later.

Biel International Chess Festival

Final Standings
1-2     GM Evgeny Alekseev (Russia) (winner on tiebreak) and GM Leinier Dominguez (Cuba)- 6.5 
3.     GM Magnus Carlsen (Norway)    6.0      
4.     GM Etienne Bacrot     (France)     5.5     
5.     GM Alexander Onischuk     (USA)     4.0      
6.     GM Yannick Pelletier     (Switzerland)     1.5     

Gata Kamsky had a solid start at the Sochi Grand Prix (July 31-August 15.) He used accurate tactical defense in the Caro-Kann to draw against Peter Svidler.


Gata's second Emil Sutovsky told CLO that the conditions and food in Sochi are excellent, with the only drawback being locked windows that don't allow fresh air. There were no complaints about the draw with Svidler, but Emil pointed out: "we face a big guy every day." Tomorrow our American World Championship candidate faces the biggest guy of all, top seed Vassily Ivanchuk (2781). Gata will be White- follow the game tomorrow at 7 AM EST.

Alexander Grischuk and Teimour Radjabov were the sole winners today in Sochi.



Sochi Grand Prix

Standings after one round

1-2   Radjabov Teimour 2744 AZE and Grischuk Alexander 2728 RUS-1

3-12. Svidler, Peter 2738 RUS and Ivan Cheparinov 2687,BUL, Boris Gelfand 2720 ISR , Yue Wang 2704 China, David Navara 2646 CZE, Vassily   Ivanchuk 2781 UKR, Levon Aronian 2737 ARM, Dmitry Jakovenko 2709 RUS , Vugar Gashimov 2717 AZE and Gata  Kamsky  2723 USA- 0.5
13-14. GM Karjakin Sergey 2727 and Mohamed Al-Modiahki-0