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         122nd Annual U. S. Open Chess Championship 
         July 30 - August 7                         
         Rancho Mirage, CA                          
         Wednesday Quad                             
         Individual Awards                          
         Name                                        Rating  Pts  Prize   For       
 Quad A  Rambha, Hemachandra                           2103  3.0  $50.00  1st Place 
 Quad B  Thatiparthi, Vineethreddy                     1900  2.5  $50.00  1st Place 
 Quad C  Mathew, Justin Thomas                         1546  3.0  $50.00  1st Place 
 Quad D  White, Joshua                                 1328  2.5  $25.00  1st Place 
 Quad D  Glashausser, Alex                             1056  2.5  $25.00 
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