Lenderman and Kudrin Lead in Indiana
August 9, 2009
GM Sergey Kudrin, Photo Monroi.com
After eight rounds of the U.S. Open, GM-elect Alex Lenderman and GM Sergey Kudrin lead with 7/8. So Lenderman has won every single game since getting upset in round two!

Here are the eighth round wins that put Lenderman and Kudrin in great position in the final round:

There are many Americans sitting at 6.5, hoping to qualify for one of five spots in the U.S. Championship. Check out the standings here. The final round starts at 4:30 EST, so tune into the games live on Monroi.com, and look for a final wrap-up story by Macauley Peterson. Also see Macauley's first report, Abby Marshall's Denker wrap-up and the U.S. Chess Scoop on Indiana highlights.