General FAQ's

About the US Chess Federation (US Chess) FAQ's


Chess is recognized as an essential tool that is inclusive, benefits education and rehabilitation, and promotes recreation and friendly competition.

  • Increase the use of chess in education
  • Expand the social, recreational, and rehabilitative applications of chess
  • Develop the depth and breadth of our partnerships
  • Use chess to increase opportunities for under-represented segments of society
  • Continuously improve internal operations and member services
  • Education. Chess is an educational tool aiding in the learning of planning, cause and effect relationships, pattern recognition, and research, all key skills for success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).
  • Customer Service. We strive to be responsive, adaptive and proactive in providing services to our customers.
  • Excellence. We recognize the value of excellence both in chess as an activity and the services we provide to our customers.
  • Communication. We will continually inform and be responsive to our members and customers.
  • Integrity. We respect and maintain good relationships with our customers and stakeholders as well as the game of chess itself.
  • Accessibility. Chess can and should be enjoyed by individuals regardless of social or economic status or physical or developmental capability.
  • Love of the Game. Chess is a historic and iconic game, and we celebrate its history, growth and evolution in our activities and services.
  • Outreach. We work to extend the knowledge and appreciation of chess.

FAQ's related to US Chess:

Q: How do I contact US Chess?

A: Contact us at: Staff Directory.

Q: What are my benefits for joining?

A: Your membership provides a door into the world of chess through affiliated clubs, organizations and US Chess sanctioned events and an opportunity to establish a nationally recognized rating. You may also obtain personal recognition (titles, Top Lists, MAP) and accreditations (TD Certifications, Chess Coach Certification). As a US Chess member, you may have access to current and historical chess information, through electronic issues of Chess Life and Chess Life Kids magazines at our website,

Q: How can I get information for a membership?

A: Email us at [email protected] or call our office at 800-903-8723 ext. 1.

Q: Do you have free information which explains how the pieces move and how to write chess moves?

A: Yes. You can find basic information in our “New to Chess?” section on our homepage or the “Forms” area.

Q: Where can I purchase chess books, sets and chess computers and also get advice as to what to purchase?

A: US Chess Federation Sales sells a variety of chess related items. You can contact US Chess Federation Sales for a free catalog and/or check out our US Chess Federation Sales Shop online catalog or speak directly to one of their customer service representatives by calling: 1-800-388-KING (800-388-5464).

Q: Where can I go in my area to play chess?

A: US Chess provides listings of chess clubs for all regions of the United States. Please check “Clubs and Tournaments category on our homepage.

Q: After I become a member of US Chess and play in a US Chess rated event, will I get a chess rating?

A: Yes. The organizer of the event will send the results to US Chess and a rating will be calculated. You can view your rating and history in our Member Services Area (MSA). If you play in US Chess Correspondence Chess events you will receive a Correspondence Chess rating, separate from your OTB rating. Additional information about Correspondence Chess is located behind our “Activities & Interests” category on our homepage.