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(Note: To check on your voter registration status, start here by looking up your Member record)
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Rating Supplements As of September 1, 2013, official Ratings Lists are generated on the 3rd Wednesday of the month before they become official.
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Note: Membership and Affiliate records are updated continuously, the date below is for the last 'refresh' pass. (We do these several times a day, in case a real-time update fails due to temporary communications problems.)
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January 17, 2010

Sign up for TLA Mail!

Sign up for TLA Mail, a service for members and organizers, and receive notification by email of upcoming events. Members can update their email preferences here, to receive emailed announcements about upcoming tournaments that meet their selection criteria. Members can also sign up for email notification when a tournament they played in has been rated.

'Thin' client access to MSA data

Three URLs have been created to facilitate access to MSA data from devices like PDAs and cell phones. They are:

US Chess Member Lookup (

Member ID Search ( (Member Lookup with parameters in URL only.)

The 'Member Lookup' URL will give you the name, expiration date, status and published ratings for a Member ID, plus the member's FIDE ID and current FIDE rating, if available. The default is today's date, so it will return the current published rating for someone, but you can enter an earlier date. (You can also call it using the ID you want to look up, eg,

The 'Member ID Search' URL will let you search for Member ID's by last name (at least 2 characters required), plus an optional first name and state field.

The third URL is intended for automated queries and requires all data in the URL (using the 'GET' method.) The thin.php and thin3.php URLs will accept both the Member ID and a cutoff date as part of the URL, eg,;2006-08-01 will give the player's published ratings as of the August 2006 supplement (or earlier.)

US Chess reserves the right to limit access to member and tournament records from specific sites or during peak usage time periods.

Please report problems to [email protected].

Your question may already be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions file.

Thank you!


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