Best of CLO 2009: #1
January 28, 2010
IM Daniel Rensch, with GM Gregory Kaidanov in the background Photo Rebekah Silver
The #1 article in Best of CLO 2009 is Road to GM: Not Broken by FM (now IM) Daniel Rensch. Judges praised Rensch's honest and heartfelt essay, which used chess to teach universal lessons.

Daniel Rensch earned his IM title soon after writing Road to GM, achieving his final norm at the SPICE CUP International. Finegold earned his GM title at the same time, an accomplishment that is featured on the cover of the February 2010 Chess Life Magazine. 

Rensch is the founder and CEO of American Chess Events (ACE), an LLC based in Mesa, Arizona. Browse the American Chess Events website for program details, upcoming and recently concluded events and summaries of the latest news in the chess world. Rensch also has a series of chess video lessons on 

Danny is also a player and Assistant Manager of the US Chess League team, the Arizona Scorpions.

Good luck to IM Rensch on his road to GM, and we hope that we'll get to hear about the second half on CLO! 

The Judges Sound Off

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(Rensch's article) combines deep self-knowledge, deep chess knowledge and deep emotions, a rare occurence in chess journalism. Rensch writes in a very candid style about his success and failures in both chess and personal life.  Touching and interesting at the same time, kept me at the edge of my seat until the last word of the article.- Arne Moll
Heartful, compelling, and most of all, authentic.  Rensch paves his Road to GM with honesty, and not a whit of a self-importance.- Rob Bernard

I have a special place in my heart for these articles, and I have known Danny for a long time, and am so glad to see him get his well-deserved IM title.  I know Danny will become GM, it is just a matter of time. The difficulties Danny has gone though, and the way he expresses himself in this article made it a great read, even for a non-chess player!- GM Ben Finegold

Very compelling.  Sincerity goes a long way.  I feel motivated just by reading it.-Jessica Martin

Editor's Note: Thanks to our judges for their thoughtful remarks and readings. I hope that Best of CLO 2010 will be even more competitive. If you have ideas on how to make that happen, email me at [email protected] Jennifer Shahade

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