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January 19, 2010
Johnfed240.jpgThe tenth ranked CLO article of 2009 is Interview with a Hall of Famer: GM John Fedorowicz by WGM Jennifer Shahade.  Judges loved "Fed's" candor and wit on his career highlights, entering the Hall of Fame and balancing teaching and playing. The piece also included a great bonus of annotated games by IM Mark Ginsburg. 

CLO editor Shahade does many of the site's interviews, including the recent "Lost and Found: An Interview with Josh Sarwer." Shahade's Interview with an American Medallist series featured IM Sam Shankland (last year's #3 Article in Best of CLO), GM Larry Kaufman and WGM/IM Rusudan Goletiani. Her interview with Women's World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk appeared in the December 2008 Chess Life Magazine. Shahade also interviews players for the US Chess Scoop, and US Championship TV. Feel free to suggest to her ideas for future interview subjects at [email protected]
Jennifer Shahade, Photo Suzy Gorman

You can see her other writing regularly on CLO , with more in depth articles usually appearing on Jennifer's Blog. 2009 entries included, A Hulachess excerpt, Baseball at 10 Boards an Hour, Jennifer on Women's Titles and most recently, her USCL Countdown. Shahade also has a personal website at jennifershahade.com. 

The Judges Sound Off

Read more about the judges here  

Usually, I am not a fan of interviews.  Usually, they suck!  However, talking to Fed never sucks!  This was a great read, and the pics, games, and notes make it a wonderful CLO story.  Good job Jennifer!- GM Ben Finegold 

How can you not enjoy and interview with the Fed?  Good questions, but still, it was an interview, and less of an article- Rob Bernard  

Interviews are always of interest, and are probably the best way of getting players to relax and say what they are thinking and feeling. This is a good example.- Myron and Rachel Lieberman

Interview with a Hall of Famer: GM John Fedorowicz by WGM Jennifer Shahade: "Very solid interview with lots of good questions and answers from a remarkable chess personality. It did lack a real punch or a shocking confession which could make it an absolute hit. "- Arne Moll 

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