Best of CLO 2009: #4
By CLO   
January 25, 2010
FM Mike Klein playing chess at an outdoor bath in Budapest, Hungary
The #4 article in Best of CLO 2009 is Castling Long Around the World by FM Mike Klein. Judges enjoyed Klein's exciting story which allowed readers to vicariously experience his global travels.

Since returning from his whirldwind trip in Fall 2009, FM Mike Klein has resumed his work as a Charlotte based chess coach and writer. He has written many cover stories for Chess Life Magazine, including My Mom is the Champion of America (January 2010), Bronze Times Two (February 2009), The Quiet Kentuckian (January 2009), and The Grandmaster Diet (December 2008.)

Mike's most recent article for CLO was, "Chess Exhibition Raises Funds for Haitian Earthquake Victims" about a Haiti benefit chess simul that he conducted and organized just four days after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti. Klein also contributed two Best of CLO 2008 stories, US Teams Celebrate Bronze Medals and Searching for Fischer's Legacy. You can find a catalog of his writing on his official website. 

Mike also maintained a blog during his travels, and made a video, Mike Walks East.

The Judges Sound Off

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An excellent human interest story. It lets the photos emphasize the story and would be a great article to make available in waiting rooms, airports and the like. While it contains no serious analysis, it needs none to achieve its goal.- Rachel and Myron Lieberman

Lengthy, enthusiastic and personal, easily readable report with lots of great anecdotes and pics. Lacks a bit of depth but it's greatly enjoyable all the same.- Arne Moll

Klein takes the reader on a lovely journey through the world, with chess as his first language.  He didn't need much else to get by.- Rob Bernard

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