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"We Have Cox" Wins West Print E-mail
By J.Hillery/J.Shahade   
February 19, 2008
"We Have Cox" with their championship trophy.

The Arizona team, "We Have Cox"  (Robby Adamson, Landon Brownell, Jonathan Cox and Benjamin Marmont) won the U.S. Amateur Team West(Los Angeles, Feb. 16-18) with a perfect 6-0 record. 49 teams entered for the best turnout since 2002. The winning team's name proved fitting, as Jonathan Cox did win the board 3 prize with 5.5/6. His teammate on board four, Ben Marmon also won the board prize. Sergey Kudrin, the only GM in the event, won the first board prize. IM Adranik Matikozyan, one of four IMs in the event, won the second board prize.

Here is one exciting IM vs IM battle from round one:

 Check out more details on tournament organizer John Hillery's blog and complete results on westernchess.com.


1st: We Have Cox (Robby Adamson, Landon Brownell, Jonathan Cox, Benjamin Marmont), 6-0

2nd: Sunil! Where’s Hikaru? (Jouaquin Banawa, Joel Banawa, Takashi Kurosaki, Sunil Deolalikar), .5-1.5

3rd: The Dream Team (Enrico Sevillano, John Daniel Bryant, Michael Yee, Santy Wong), 4.5-1.5

U2100: Beyond Chess A (Kong Liang Deng, Tianyi He, Kelly Zhang, Robert Xue, Henry Wang), 4-2
U2000: Wut Up Narcissists!?!! (Kofi Tatum, Lonnie Neal, Carl Bolm, Alicaia Narducci, Stewart Yanez), 4-2
U1800: Short and Tal (Don Cotten, Ryan Yeung, Ray Sollars, Wenbo Du), 3-3
U1600: Crap! We Thought This Was Scholastics … (Alexander Kaliannan, Anna Karapetyan, Caleb Molitoris, Gavin Greiwe), 3-3
U1400: Vera Menchik Brigade (Michael White, Colette McGruder, Constance McClendon, Debra Rothman), 2-4

College: The troJACKs (Jack Peters, Etan Ilfeld, Simon Nielsen, Colin Field-Eaton, Leland Farrar), 4.5-1.5
Industrial: Northrop Grumman Advantage in Space (Philip Jacobsen, Robert Potts, David Anthopoulos, Michael Lowe, Michael Hemmat), 3-3
Junior: Beyond Chess B (Richard Yang, Hubert Jung, Jeffrey Ding, Zheng Zhu), 3-3
Senior: The Cardinal Sinners (Precioso Saguisag, Romeo Rodriguez, Jose Romero, Ed Baluran), 3.5-2.5

Board 1: GM Sergey Kudrin, 5-1
Board 2: IM Andranik Matikozyan, 5.5-.5
Board 3: Jonathan Cox, 5.5-.5
Board 4: Ben Marmont, 5.5-.5
Alternate: Stewart Yanez, 4-0

Team name:
1st: Hillery Says Scratch My Barack