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Online-Blitz Top Women Age 18-49 Regardless of Country, Residence, or Federation August 2021

1Eynula, Roza (12817693)33MAFOR2252
2Nguyen, Tien (16219014)2265FOR2148
3Morris-Suzuki, Sophie (15542082)19NYUSA2059
4Dong, Alice (13398051)23NJUSA2055
5Mcgrew, Clara (13377446)22MIUSA2002
6Mangalam, Shreya (14385521)18ILUSA1939
7Katz, Alanna (12621290)34NYUSA1869
8Nayberg, Simona (14373224)18CAUSA1844
9Esaulova, Marfa (16905470)20NYFOR1839
10Niemi, Nicole (12640884)34TXUSA1838
11Ganbaatar, Amarjargal (15960754)33ILFOR1818
12Eynullayeva, Elnara (12817692)34MAUSA1814
13Lauser, Jessica T (12593821)41MOUSA1719
14Goodkind, Barbara (12778604)37CAUSA1715
15Chang, Linda (30081196)24MAUSA1557
16Larue, Raven (17345512)32CAUSA1554
17Pugh, Stacia M (15901008)42OHUSA1469
18Mcroberts, Holly J (12822112)44NMUSA1455
19Sivasamy, Sakthi Lakshmi (16095951)33AZUSA1429
20Ellis, Anya (15762191)22WVUSA1419
21Clymer, Charlotte Anora Elizabeth (12765266)34DCUSA1336
22Shemesh, Miki Yasuoka (13189836)40MNUSA1332
23Ammukunhi, Shabeena (17089174)43MAUSA1248
24Mccarthy, Lilly Allison (16787358)35ILUSA1092
25Emerson-Coyle, Carrie (17053462)34VAUSA787
These Top 100 lists are updated every month by the United States Chess Federation. As of the June 2014 list, ages will be as of the first day of the month in which those ratings become official. For example, ages for the December lists will be as of December 1. (For Top 100 lists prior to June 2014, ages are as of the first day of the previous month.)

Ratings shown are the official US Chess ratings for the month indicated, which are generated on the third Wednesday of the month before they become official. Only current US Chess members with established ratings and ratings activity in the last year are shown. Please contact us if you have questions about these lists.


Top Player Lists

Top Player Lists