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Top Player Lists January 2015

If we were unable to validate your date of birth and/or gender, you will not appear on any of the Top 100 Lists. Please contact the office to update your membership file for future Top Lists:
Susan Houston or 931.787.1234 ext. 136

Pursuant to a motion made by the USCF Executive Board, the monthly supplement ratings list will now be computed on the third Wednesday of the previous month. This means that, beginning with the November (2013) lists, the amount of time available to validate new and/or existing candidates for a particular list could be as short as several business days. We are, therefore, going to publish the Top 100 Lists for a month as soon as possible after the 15th day of that month.

Beginning in June 2014 we started posting several new categories, including several 'Top Age 50 and Over' Top 100 lists and a set of Top 100 Blitz lists (with the same categories as the Quick Rating lists.)

Important Notice: Starting with the June 2014 Top 100 Lists, the date used to compute a player's age will be the same as the effective date of the rating list. That means that for the June 2014 Top 100 lists, age is as of June 1st.