US Chess Scoop at the National Chess Congress
By Jennifer Shahade   
December 1, 2009
At the 2009 National Chess Congress, the US Chess Scoop interviewed a number of strong players and interesting personalities about the tournament. I got a nasty cold over Thanksgiving weekend and though I was not contagious at the time of these interviews (I love chessplayers too much to do that to them!), my voice was not pretty, so I allowed the players to speak for themselves.

This year's Congress was held right in downtown Philadelphia at the Sheraton, which always makes me happy as it shows off my beautiful city. There will be many more exciting tournaments coming to the same venue, including the Liberty Bell Open (January 15-18) and the new Philadelphia Open (March 31-April 4, to replace the Foxwoods Open). Look for Chess Scoop coverage of those events as well.