By Hal Bogner, Match Director   
December 9, 2009
Earth_move_43_150.jpgAfter 43. Nd1, our Wizards of Washington wasted little time (and no votes!) in responding with 43 ... Bb3, showing the world how completely dominating their position is.

Thanks to the passed pawns, the bishop can attack the knight from b3 with impunity, and White's knight is running out of pasture.    A forced sequence of moves quickly ensued.

Dr. Greg Chamitoff responded with 44. Nc3 and our kids immediately moved to cash in their chips with 44 ... d1=Q.  45. Nxd1 Bxd1 immediately followed, leaving Earth a bishop to the good, with plenty of hunting ground on the kingside.

It is now Greg's move.  Will this be the end of our year-long struggle?

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Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 45.Bxd1)


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