Kaufman on the World Senior's Final Stretch
By GM Larry Kaufman   
November 5, 2009
In Round 8 of the World Senior Championship, I won against fellow American Jude Acers. He surprisingly chose to copy the opening choice of my round 2 opponent, who was lost after just seven moves playing the Wing Gambit against the Sicilian. Jude did improve on that game, but nevertheless was lost by move 13 and despite his best efforts nothing could save him.


In round 9 I drew with Bo Jacobsen, who was once Danish Champion. I achieved an advantage (as usual in this event, I was close to winning by move 20) but went astray and was worse when my opponent offered a draw to clinch an IM norm. He has played very well here and will soon earn the IM title I expect. Jude lost again this round giving him 5 points, while Sherwin won giving him 5.5 along with Zelkind. My score of 6.5 puts me in a tie for fifth with two rounds to go; tomorrow I play Black against IM Rukavina. There is almost no way I could still win the event, but I still hope to be among the prize-winners. Tseshkovsky and Cebalo lead with 7.5.

In the women's group former World Women's Champ Nona Gaprindashvili has moved up to a tie for the lead with WIM Tatyana Fomina and WGM Elena Fatalibekova at 5.5 out of 7. It seems I made a mistake earlier in saying that there was no American woman in this section as WFM Serafim Sokolovskaya is now listed as from the USA; she has 2.5.

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