Time To Make The Donuts...
By Glenn Petersen, Editor, Chess Life for Kids   
October 24, 2009
Our Wizards from Washington have once again answered the call and have given Earthlings three choices for their 36th move.
After NASA Astronaut Greg Chamitoff's 36. Nb3, the young students from Stevenson Elementary School have decided that 36 ... Kg8, 36 ... Bc4, and 36 ... a2 are all reasonable courses of action.  It is now up to Earth to determine the best of the best choices.
Use the links at the right to view the game score or to check out the moves you are considering.  And don't forget you can work out your variations using the Chessmagnetschool Java viewer link.

Register your vote by 9 PM EDT on Tuesday, October 27 (6 PM PDT Tuesday/3 AM CEST Wednesday).
The kids didn't say it but I will:  It's time to stop waffling and to make the donuts!

Use the links in the menu to the right to view the complete move list or to play over the game in our Java game viewer.

Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 36.Nb3)


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