Zatonskih Topples Krush
By Jennifer Shahade   
October 6, 2009
IM Anna Zatonskih

Today at the 2009 U.S. Women's Championship , IM Anna Zatonskih prevailed with Black in her much awaited game against IM Irina Krush. In the Lasker Variation of the Queen's Gambit Declined, Zatonskih found an unusual way to snare Krush's queen in a minority attack gone wrong.


Championship newcomer and University of Maryland Baltimore County student Sabina Foisor is also in good shape with 2.5/3. Another player to watch is 18-year-old Philadelphian Alisa Melekhina, the youngest competitor in the event. In round three, Alisa won against Tatev Abrahamyan with Black, using a surprising opening weapon for the second game in a row.


Tomorrow, a big match-up of the day will be Baginskaite-Zatonskih. See the full schedule here and the crosstable. Catch that and the other four games live on or the broadcast. Be sure to read in-depth daily bulletins edited by Chris Bird, with analysis by GM-elect Ben Finegold. Also watch the videos posted on the official website.