Passed Pawns Must Be Pushed!
By Glenn Petersen, Editor, Chess Life for Kids   
September 30, 2009
How often have Earthlings heard that maxim from the disciples of Caissa?  Well, get ready to see it put into action!  Our young champions from Stevenson Elementary School (and now, the Odle Middle School), have unanimously decided to heed the advice of the chessic gods!

After Dr. Greg Chamitoff's short burst of fireworks on the b-file, our astronaut played 33.f3, and the kids have once again closed the door to voting by choosing 33 ... a5 as the only response.

Keep checking our link for future developments, and you can use our game viewer to follow the game's progress and to analyze your own lines.

But keep in mind the maxims of Caissa, or as Horace Rumpole might opine, "She who must be obeyed!"

Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 33..a5)


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