Six Tie in U.S. Open; Gurevich Wins Official Title
August 10, 2009
Six tied for first at the US Open in Indianapolis, Indiana with 7.5/9: GM-elect Alex Lenderman, IM Jacek Stopa and GMs Sergey Kudrin, Alex Yermolinsky, Dmitry Gurevich, and  Jesse Kraai. Stopa is from Poland; the other five all earn a spot into the 2010 US Championships, currently set for Saint Louis in Spring 2010. The top two GMs on tiebreak, Dmitry Gurevich and Sergey Kudrin had a blitz playoff for the official title. Gurevich won that game:


See the final standings here , MSA with rating changes, and access games from Full story from Macauley Peterson coming soon!