U.S. Championship Flashback
By Macauley Peterson   
August 5, 2009
Macauley Peterson, who wrote the August Chess Life cover story on the U.S. Championship offers two bonus videos and one audio clip on CLO:
Sam Shankland and Melikset Khachiyan tag team live analysis of their fourth round game, in the U.S. Championship commentary room. It ended in a draw but Emil Sutovsky thought Shankland should have played on. Hear Shankland introduce the live audience to Dvoretsky’s chess term: the “emergency exit.”

 Varuzhan Akobian shows his win over Julio Becerra-Rivero that put him into a tie for first place after four rounds.

Emil Sutovsky’s performance at the closing ceremony of "Torna a Surriento,” an early 20th Century Neapolitan song.