Denker Heats up Fast; Wide Gaps in Main Event
August 2, 2009
The Denker tournament of high school champions is heating up fast, with expert vs. expert pairings as early as round two. However, Cadet Champ Andrew Ng of New Jersey and Michael Yang of Minnesota both had few troubles against their round two 2000 opponents.



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Meanwhile, the U.S. Open started up with the usual huge round 1 rating gaps with differentials on the top boards from 500 to 800+ points. Part of the fun of the U.S. Open is the chance for amateurs to play the top players in the country, although upsets are few and far-between this early in the event.



The World Chess Live tournament of college champions is also in full swing, and the event features some fine players, including five IMs.

IM Salvijus Bercys found himself in the following position in round two, against expert Erik Patchell from Ohio State University.

White to Move and Win

How did Bercys continue?

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Incidentally, you will find out more about Erik as he will contribute his thoughts on the WCL Tournament of College Champions later in the event.

See Denker pairings and standings, U.S. Open pairings+standings here, and Tournament of College Champions info here.

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