Andrew Ng is the 2009 Cadet Champion!
By Alan Kantor   
July 14, 2009
Cadet Champion Andrew Ng with Bill Startup (left, President of Cumberland County Bank) and Jerry Nash (right, USCF Scholastic Director)
The participants of the 2009 Cadet Championship (Crossville, TN, July 7-10) should be recognized for their hard work, fighting chess and sportsmanship.  But one individual stood out. 14-year-old Andrew Ng from New Jersey won his last three games to ensure that Victor Shen also from New Jersey would not catch up with him.  Ng was the only player to go undefeated. Andrew was ranked six out of eight players at the start of the tournament, but with his result he has shot up to 2220 and broken master for the first time ever (See full wallchart and rating changes on MSA). Here is Andrew's final clincher:


Andrew was modest on his result and said, " It was not about winning but the friendships that were made.” World Youth trainer and Andrew's coach Michael Khodarkovsky described the new Cadet Champ's style for CLO, " He plays dynamic and open chess, looking for tactical solutions all the time. He hates boring positions, doesn't like draws." Michael has been coaching Andrew since the age of 8, and says, "I'm very happy and proud of him. Andrew has enough talent to become a Grandmaster."

Along with winning, Ng received $500 plus a four year, fixed-dollar incoming tuition scholarship to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) with a current value approximately $69,760 out-of-state, $34,832 in-state. 
Second place winner Shen earned $300 plus a four year University Academic Service Scholarship to Tennessee Tech University (current value $20,000).

Rohan Agarwal pocketed $200 for his third place finish and all players received plaques.

First row, L to R: Deepak Aaron, Jarod Pamatmat, Andrew Ng, Matthew Dahl
Back row, L to R: Bill Startup (president of Cumberland County Bank), Christian Tanaka, Alan Kantor (chief tournament director), Michael Yang, Rohan Agarwal, Victor Shen, Bill Hall (USCF executive director), Jerry Nash (USCF scholastic director)

 Final standings (in tiebreak order):
        1. Andrew Ng        5.5
        2. Victor C. Shen    5
        3. Rohan Agarwal    4.5
        4. Michael Yang    3
        5. Jarod Pamatmat    3
        6. Deepak Aaron    3
        7. Christian Tanaka    2.5
        8. Matthew D. Dahl    1.5
The tournament was organized by Harry Sabine and directed by chief tournament director Alan Kantor.  Cary Carter and Anil Agarwal supplied back room assistance.  Sabine’s hard work in organizing this wonderful tournament needs to be recognized as he always “puts on a great show.” The parents sent in many positive comments including,

"We look forward to seeing you put up many more events for chess promotion and getting America back to the days of the Fischer boom!"– Ashok Aaron (father of Deepak)

 "It's true what they say...southern hospitality!  It truly made cadets a special event, even though (my son) didn't have a great tournament, he certainly had fun.” – Doreen Tanaka (mother of Christian)