Andrew Ng Leads Cadets
By Alan Kantor   
July 10, 2009
Andrew Ng, Photo Elizabeth Vicary
Andrew Ng from New Jersey is half a point ahead at the 2009 U.S. Cadet Championship (July 7-10,Crossville, TN) with fellow New Jerseyan Victor Shen keeping a close watch a half point behind with one round to go. Breaking News: Andrew Ng wins Cadets! Full story coming soon.  Andrew won both his games in rounds five and six while Victor was stopped by Pamatmat. Can Ng hold on to first place? Stay tuned for one more round of fighting chess as the 2009 Cadet Championship comes to a close.



Standings after six rounds:

Andrew Ng                4-1/2
Victor Shen                 4
Rohan Agarwal            3-1/2
Michael Yang                3
Deepak Aaron                3
Christian Tanaka            2-1/2
Jarod Pamatmat            2
Matthew Dahl                1-1/2