We Want It All!
By Glenn Petersen, Editor, Chess Life for Kids   
June 23, 2009
thumb_175636main_Blue_Marble.jpgEarth has spoken!  We want it all!  Rather than engage in complications, Earthlings have chosen 27...Rb8 in response to Astronaut Greg Chamitoff's 27. a4.  "We're two pawns up ... let's keep it that way!"
Now it is up to the vacationing spaceman, last sighted in Australia, to justify his two pawn deficit.  So far, he has been resourceful, giving the Stevenson Elementary School champions every chance to go wrong.
Our champs, however, have given fellow Earthlings decent choices, and Earthlings have not disappointed our kids.  As we head into summer, the Stevenson Chess Club members will stay in touch with each other online - at the ready - to guide Earthlings to victory!

Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 27...Rb8)

You can check out the current position in our Java viewer and try out the alternatives and see where they may lead.

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