Games and Photos From the All-Girls
By Franc Guadalupe and Jennifer Shahade   
April 29, 2009
Megan Lee and Anna Zatonskih. Photo Derek Bryant 
As previously reported on CLO, 12-year-old Megan Lee won the 18 & Under Section of the All Girls Nationals and netted a University of Texas at Dallas Scholarship. The event was held April 24-26 and is sponsored annually by the Kasparov Chess Foundation. Find more photos and games below!

 Megan Lee lives in Bellevue, Washington where she attends Odle Middle School. Megan was also a member of the Stevenson Elementary Championship team and is currently a student of IM Georgi Orlov. Her training routine involves studying games of great players (her latest read was Bobby Fischer’s 60 Memorable Games) and solving tactics problems.

Against 2007 Olympic Medallist Sarah Chiang, Megan shows the downside of having a bishop that is on the opposite color from its pawns.



Megan hopes to play like U.S. Women's Chess Champion Anna Zatonskih one day, as Anna made a great impression on her at the All-Girls Nationals. 

Ellen Xiang won a nice game against the top seed in the section, Courtney Jamison. (Ed.Note- There may be more moves after the 29 recorded here, but in the final position 30.Qc3 or 30.Qc4 win, trapping the bishop on c8.)


Here is a couple of games from the 16 & Under champ, Rochelle Ballantyne of I.S. 318



Rochelle Ballantyne, Photo Anthony Causi

The 12& Under champ Lillia Poteat of Columbia Grammar played a really nice game against her section's top seed, Simone Liao.


Photo Gallery + Final Results

Lilia in her final round game against Brittanie Uddin. Photo Alexey Root

Jane Zhang and Annie Zhao in the final round of the 10& Under Girls. Jane, who had a perfect score going into the round, lost, allowing Annie, Kallie Feinberg and Rachael Eng to catch up for a 4-way tie for first. Photo Alexey Root

Michael Khodarkovsky of the Kasparov Chess Foundation

Dr. Magaly Specter, VP for Diversity and Community Engagement, University of Texas at Dallas, awarding a scholarship valued up to $80,000 to Megan Lee.

KCF All-Girls Nationals Winners

Individual Champions

18 and Younger – Megan Lee of Odle Middle School, Washington (5.0 points)
16 and Younger – Rochelle Ballantyne of I.S. 318, New York (5.5 points)
14 and Younger – Ivana Santos of Hanna High School, Texas (5.5 points)
12 and Younger – Lilia Poteat of CGPS, New York (5.5 points)
10 and Younger – Jane Zhang of PS 158, New York (5.0 points)
                                  Annie Zhao of Beverly Elementary, Texas (5.0 points)
                                  Rachael Eng of Desert Trails, Arizona (5.0 points)
                                  Kalli Feinberg of CGPS, New York (5.0 points)
8 and Younger – Nichole Zlotchevsky of PS 195, New York (6.0 points)

Team Champions

18 and Younger – No Teams
16 and Younger – I.S. 318, New York  (13.5 points)
14 and Younger – Hanna High School, Texas (13.0 points)
12 and Younger – I.S. 318, New York (14.0 points)
10 and Younger – Hunter College, New York (8.0 points)
8 and Younger – Colene Hoose, Illinois (10.5 points)


Jasmine Fermin of James Madison, New York


Jasmine Fermin and Najeebah Williams of Brooklyn College, New York