World Chess Live Tournament of College Champions
April 29, 2009
WCLLOGO.jpgThe World Chess Live Tournament of College Champions will be held August 1-4, in conjunction with the U.S. Open in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Update, 6/8/2009:  WCL College Entrants will get half price entry into the U.S. Open! The event is sponsored by World Chess Live and features a $5,000 guaranteed prize pool and no entry fee! Jim Stallings, UTD Chess Program Director thinks the free money prize pool is an ideal opportunity to expand chess into other markets. “The College Chess Committee is excited about the second year of College Chess Tournament of Champions. Rules have been modified for greater participation for our most heavily sponsored tournament. Now an unlimited number of entries can come from a college for any section. Send as many players as you like!”So spread the word! 

University of Texas at Brownsville program director Russell Harwood told CLO, "This tournament is important for our university because we won the Open and Under 2100 sections last year, and would like to defend." The UTB students who won last year are IM Daniel Fernandez in the Open, and Arturo Gracia Jr in the Under 2100.

College students should download the pdf registration form here, and check out full TLA details below. Find out more about World Chess Live here.
Aug. 1-4   World Chess Live Tournament of College Champions   Indiana

6SS, 40/2, SD/1, Indianapolis Marriott East (see U.S. Open). Sponsored by World Chess Live, open to all undergraduate or graduate college students. NO EF, $5000 GUARANTEED PRIZE FUND! In 3 sections. Championship, open to all rated 2100 or over, plus one under 2100 player per college if designated as an official representative. $$G 1000-500-300-200, U2200 $300-150, US Individual Collegiate Champion trophy to top US college player. Under 2100, open to all under 2100 or unrated. $$G $400-200-150-100, U1900 $280-140. Under 1700, open to all under 1700 or unrated. $$G $320-160-120-80, 1300-1499 $200-100, U1300 $200-100. Reg. ends Sat 5:30 pm, rds. Sat. 7 pm, Sun/Mon 11 am & 7 pm, Tue 11 am. 2009 WCL Tournament of College Champions certification form located here (pdf). WCL JGP. Entrants to the tournament can play in the U.S. Open for half price entry fee.