Show Me What You've Got!
By Glenn Petersen, Editor, Chess Life for Kids   
April 15, 2009
2902bellevueStevensonchesschamps.jpgThat seems to be what Earthlings are saying as they overwhelmingly chose 22...d4 as a response to Astronaut Greg Chamitoff's 22.b5.
Earth could have chosen to capture the b5 pawn any number of ways, and Earth would have had a two pawn advantage.  But Earth chose to go for the exchange, by forking the White queen and rook.  Now we wait for Greg in order to see how this plays out.
Stevenson Elementary School is busy finalizing the details for his visit to Bellevue, Washington, in late May, as Greg, who served for six months as flight engineer and science officer on the International Space  Station, continues his personal appearance tour for NASA.  Meanwhile, Stevenson's young stars have been enjoying some extra attention at home for their success at SuperNationals; here are links to articles in the Seattle area press: one in the Bellevue Reporter, and another in the Seattle Times.

Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 22...d4)

You can check out the current position in our Java viewer and try out the alternatives and see where they may lead.

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