Kamsky in Nalchik for Grand Prix
April 19, 2009
Nalchikslide.jpgOur highest rated American Grandmaster, Gata Kamsky is in Nalchik, Russia playing in the FIDE Grand Prix from April 14 to 30. The participants include other elite GMs such as Aronian and Ivanchuk.  Check out the full schedule here and watch live games starting at 7 AM EST on the official website or the ICC.

This event should give Gata some great practice for the 2009 U.S. Championship (May 7-17, Saint Louis), where he'll be top-seed.

Gata Kamsky started with three draws, including a 121-move first round fighting draw against Leko that exhibited Gata's extraordinary fighting qualities.




He went on to defeat GM Peter Svidler in round four in another marathon game.


Unfortunately, in round five Kamsky lost in yet another marathon game to Akopian. In his round by round wrap-ups on the official website, GM Shipov express admiration for Kamsky's fighting spirit but concluded that, " Human energy, after all, has its limits."