Kamsky and Kramnik Make Two Draws
March 20, 2009
GM Gata Kamsky in Amber, Photo (c) ChessVibes

Gata Kamsky drew both games against Kramnik in round 6 of the Amber Chess Tournament (March 14-26, Nice, France), including a 129 blindfold fight with White against Kramnik, where Gata was fighting all the way for the full point. Gata has an easier time drawing against Kramnik with Black in the rapid game, in an Anti-Grunfeld Variation. 



Gata slipped out of the rapid lead as Levon Aronian won his rapid game with Black over Karjakin. This makes Aronian the man to beat as he is leading not only the rapid but also the combined competition.

Tomorrow Gata Kamsky will face Teimour Radjabov. Check the full schedule and results on the official website.

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