Schedule Set for 2009 SuperNationals
March 16, 2009
Grand Ole Opry House, the site of the SuperNationals IV
opening ceremony 

The SuperNationals in Nashville (April 3-5) schedule of events is available! Download the complete pdf file with the SuperNationals schedule for times and locations.

If you haven't yet, register to stay and play at the official website and read a summary of living legend Garry Kasparov's activities in Nashville. Other highlights are listed below.

Opening Ceremony April 3, 11 AM at the Grand Ole Opry House
Featuring: Garry Kasparov, Greg Chamitoff and Curt Eley.   

Round Times

April 3, Friday:
Round 1:1:00 PM (except K-1, which starts a half hour later each round.)
Round 2: 6:00 PM
April 4, Saturday:

Round 3: 9 AM
Round 4: 2 PM
Round 5: 7 PM
April 5, Sunday:

Round 6: 9 AM
Round 7: 2 PM

SuperNationals Seminar Schedule:

April 3, Friday:
2:00 PM
Seminar: Think Like A King® Chess Software System: A presentation     Bayou AB
    for coaches, educators and parents. - Steve Lipschultz   
2:00 PM    Seminar: Strategy and Tactics for Beginners - Larry Evans    Bayou CD
3:00 PM    Seminar: Presentation by astronaut Greg Chamitoff on Chess and Space Bayou AB
8:00 PM    Seminar: Improve Your Play - Alexandra Kosteniuk     Bayou AB
8:00 PM    Seminar: Chess Coach Certification - Ralph Bowman    Bayou CD

April 4, Saturday:

10:00 AM    Seminar: Chess Preparation - Hard Work or Fun?-Yury Shulman -Bayou AB
11:00 AM    Seminar: Chess, Writing, and Art - Jennifer Shahade- Bayou AB
3:00 PM    Lecture and Q&A with Kasparov - 3-4 PM - Bayou AB
8:00 PM    Seminar: Advanced Strategy - Larry Evans    Bayou AB
8:00 PM    Seminar: Chess Coach Certification - Ralph Bowman    Bayou CD

April 5, Sunday:

9:30 AM    Tournament Response Meeting    Bayou E
10:00 AM    Seminar: Preparing Students for International Competitions - Led By    Bayou AB
    US Team Coaches: FIDE Senior Trainer Michael Khodarkovsky,    
    IM Armen Ambartsoumian, GM Joel Benjamin, WIM Beatriz Marinello        
11:00 AM    Seminar: Scholastic Chess: Challenges and Opportunities - Jerry Nash    Bayou CD

SuperNationals Simul Schedule - Sign up at the USCF store

Thursday Simuls: 6:30 PM, April 2
GM Maurice Ashley
GM Alexander Shabalov
GM Alexander Stripunsky

Friday Simuls I : 9 AM, April 3

Women's World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk
GM Alexander Shabalov
U.S. Women's Champion Anna Zatonskih
Friday Simuls II: 8 PM, April 3
U.S. Champion GM Yury Shulman

Saturday Simuls, 4 PM April 4

U.S. Champion GM Yury Shulman
U.S. Women's Champion Anna Zatonskih

Sunday Simul: Last Chance Simul, 3:30 PM

Women's World Champion GM Alexandra Kosteniuk