Big Opens Kick Off on Both Coasts
March 6, 2009
The beach at the Sturbridge Host Hotel
The Eastern Class Championships (March 6-8, Sturbridge, MA) and the Western Chess Congress (March 6-8, Concord, California) both take place this weekend. Chris Bird will cover the Eastern while "f-pawn" Michael Aigner will cover the Western.

Chris, who often directs major tournaments, told CLO that he enjoys playing instead, "I enjoy the social aspect. When you are TDing it is difficult to find time to go and have dinner with friends or socialize." Check out last year's report on the Eastern Congress by Elizabeth Vicary. Chris said, "Last year's Eastern Class Championships was particularly memorable for the snow storm that hit on Friday night/Saturday morning. This year's forecast for the tournament weekend is much better...mid 50's and no snow in sight."

Michael Aigner twittered earlier today. "I'll be in Concord by mid afternoon on Friday. I'm excited! Are you?" Look for his CLO report early next week.