Topalov Wins Game and Match
February 26, 2009
Veselin Topalov  Photo Cathy Rogers
GM Veselin Topalov won the World Chess Challenge (Sofia, February 16-28) today, with a win against Gata Kamsky. With this win, Topalov qualifies to play Vishy Anand in a World Championship match. Topalov took on the white side of the French Defense, an opening that Gata surprised Veselin with in round five. (Gata also lost that game, not because of the opening but due to the blunder, Nb4. )This gives Topalov 4.5 to Kamsky's 2.5, and ends the match. Topalov showed he was not afraid to risk losing for the chances of complications, with moves like 28.Rec1. This strategy proved particularly effective in light of Kamsky's time deficit. After 32.Qc7, Kamsky needed to find the computer-like moves, Bd3 or Be4. When he failed to and just played 32...Rc8, it was becoming more clear that Topalov would top off the game and the match.


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