Palin Gambit Takes U.S. Amateur Team East
February 19, 2009
The winning team at the U.S. Amateur Team East. Photo Mike Somers  

According to organizer Steve Doyle, The U.S. Amateur Team East, (February 13-16) was the second biggest in history, with 283 teams and 1201 players. The top team, Palin Gambit: I can see checkmate from my house scored 6-0, and was composed of Paul Mac Intrye, Brian Hulse, Libardo Rueda and Alan Price. (Top board of Palin Gambit, Paul Mac Intyre, explains that there was a typo on their name on the official site.)

In the final round, Palin Gambit faced the only 5-0 team, UR Outrated Give Up, which consisted of Larry Kaufman, Raymond Kaufman, Ian Schoch and Douglas Stanley. Here is the board one battle that clinched the match in Palin Gambit's favor:


Although Ray Kaufman won on board two, Palin Gambit won the other two games to score the match victory.

For more stories from Parsippany, check out Abby Marshall's preview and Jonathan Hilton's story after four rounds. For more stories and photos, check out Polly Wright's blog. As of Friday, 2/20/09, individual results are not yet available on MSA or the tournament website, but we will update this link as soon as they are.

Top Team (Dennis Barry Award): Palin Gambit: Give UP
2nd Place: Black's First Move - President Obama
3rd Place: UR Outrated: Give Up
4th Place: Quantum of Soltis
5th Place: 1. d4

Top College Team: Queenside Stimulus Package
Top High School Team: Hunter Chess HS
Top Middle School (grades 9-12 same school): Your Flag Will Fall Writing Our Move
Top Elementary School (grades K-6 same school): A Knight to Remember
Top Scholastic Team (mixed schools okay): Mating Season
2nd Scholastic Team (mixed schools okay): Be Kind Resign
Ethel Collins Award: Yes We Can Mate You

Mixed Doubles (2 males, 2 females, no alternates): Team El Buho
Seniors (all over age 50): Kings of Queens
Military: Ernest Goes to Parsippany
Family (4 family members): Beauty and the Beast
Old Timers: Carol's Caissan Carousers
Company Team: Kotov Personality

U2100: TH-A
U2000: Rook Em Dano
U1900: A Discovered Check Bails Out
U1800: Watchung Regional HS
U1700: Bad News Bishop
U1600: Gettin the Bone
U1500: Is that a book move? MCCC
U1400: ICA #5
U1300: Cool It! Chung it! Wang it!
U1200: CIS #5 - Curious Case of Joel Benjamen
U1000: Austin Towers

CT: New Britain Prodigies
DE: The Day the Chess Board Stood Still
MD: UR Outrated: Give Up
MA: BU Terriers
NJ: 1.d4
NY: Mating Season

Best Player:
    Board 1: David Gertler
    Board 2: Dean Ippolito
    Board 3: Libardo Rueda
    Board 4: Lawrence Pugh
    Top Alternate: Michell Sagalchik

All 6-0 Scores:
    Marc Tyler Arnold
    Robert Hess
    Sergey Kudrin
    Nick DeFirmian
    Nelson Castaneda
    David Gertler
    Andrei Zarembo
    Dean Ippolito
    Libardo Rueda
    Alan Price
    Lawrence Pugh
    Leonard Chipkin

Biggest Upset:
    Round 1: Eliot Breslov
    Round 2: Christian Carney-Titone
    Round 3: Sriran Datattreya
    Round 4: Michael Dufermot
    Round 5: Maryam Vulis
    Round 6: Andrew Tham