GM Maurice Ashley to Appear at SuperNationals!
February 13, 2009
GM Maurice Ashley, Photo courtesy
Maurice Ashley, the first African-American Grandmaster in history, has confirmed an appearance at the 2009 SuperNationals in Nashville, Tennessee (April 3-5),which Ashley calls, "the grandest scholastic tournament of them all."

"I always find it exciting that all the age groups come together for such a big competition."

Ashley told CLO that kids should remember that everyone, even Grandmasters get nervous before a big event. "If you're not nervous, you're either not human or you are pretending you don't care."
Before a big game, Ashley recommends, "try to focus on the game, not the result. I try not to think about winning and losing because I can't control that. I think hard about playing the best move and best game I can. The rest will take care of itself."

Find out more about Maurice on his official website.

You can also register to stay and play at the official website.

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Grandmaster Maurice Ashley