Berkeley International Begins with Upsets
December 14, 2008
GM Zviad Izoria is top seed at the Berkeley International.
The Berkeley International began on Sunday 5 PM EST with five Grandmasters and many GM hopefuls. Check out #4 seed GM Josh Friedel's preview from last week , the official website for pairings , and watch the games live on the Internet Chess Club. (Finger EastBay08 for games)  The event is a ten round Swiss, and the games are at 5 PM EST daily.

The first round saw many upsets, with FMs Marc Esserman and Daniel Rensch defeating GM Josh Friedel and GM Vinay Bhat. There were also several "upset draws", although with a couple hundred rating difference in many boards, it's debatable if those really count as upsets. Izoria and Pruess drew on board one, while New York Knights team-mates Irina Krush and Iryna Zenyuk also drew.

Round 1 Game Highlights