Grade Nationals Results are in
December 14, 2008
Michael Bodek, 6th grade champion, Solomon Schechter School, Westchester, NY
Photo Polly Wright
The results are in for the Grade Nationals in Lake Buena Vista, Florida! The 13 new individual champions included sixth grade Michael Bodek, who attends the Solomon Schechter School in Westchester, NY. Check out a full summary of championship individuals and teams below. Also look for more stories and games from the Grade Nationals this coming week.

The most top heavy section of the grades was 10th grade, where Marc Tyler Arnold and Alexander Heimann tied for first. They were also the highest rated players in the whole event. They drew each other and won all their other games. Here are both of their games against bughouse champ John Williams. Alex's final position from the last round seems only slightly better for Black, but there must have been a time scramble that decided it in the co-champ's favor.



Grade Nationals
Final standings, #1 individual, and #1 team, in order of tiebreak 
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Kindergarten- Arun Khemani, Awonder Liang and Zane Ice-6/7, Team- Oak Hall, Gainesville, FL
1st grade-Benjamin Lu-7/7, Team- Oak Hall, Gainesville, FL
2nd grade- Winston Ching-Tze Zeng, William Radak, Richard Qi, Kevin Zhou, Sam Alexander Ferguson, Albert Lu, Sam Witwer, Zachary Chen Tanenbaum, Team- Hunter College, NYC
3rd grade-
  William Graif, 6.5/7 Team-PS 116, NYC
4th grade-
Matthew Zeitlin-7/7,Team- Horace Mann, NYC
5th grade-
Kyle Shin, 6.5/7, Team- Horace Mann,Mamaroneck Avenue School and Ramaz School, NY
6th grade-
Michael Bodek, 6.5/7 Team- I.S. 318, Brooklyn
7th grade-
Nicholas Rosenthal, John Lodger Hughes, Andy Wang-6, Team- I.S. 318, Brooklyn
8th grade- Hengyi Wu, 6.5/7, Team- I.S. 318, Brooklyn
9th grade- Bob Siyuan Shao, 6.5/7, Team- Bergen Country Academies, New Jersey
10th grade-
Alexander Heimann and Marc Tyler Arnold, Team- Gilbert High School, Arizona
11th grade
- Abby Marshall and Jeffrey Haskel-6/7 Team- Bellaire High School, Texas
12th grade- Toby Boas,6/7 Team- Columbus Alternative High School