Grades Down to Wire
December 13, 2008

Champions of bug, Jared Tan of California and John Williams of Arizona. Photo Betsy Dynako
After five rounds of the Grade Nationals (Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Dec.11-14), there are few clear leaders but many perfect scores on Sunday morning. After 2 more rounds, 13 new national champions and 13 new national championship teams will emerge. We already have some new champions: Jared Tan and John Williams won the bughouse championship. Jared Tan also won the Blitz K-12, while there was a 4-way tie in the K-6, in order of tiebreak: David Adelberg, Jacob McClanahan, Brian Li and Joshua Colas.

You can watch selected games live on Here are two wins from the big event by two of the co-leaders, Jarod Pamatmat in 6th grade and Christopher Wu in fourth grade.



Grade Nationals

Standings after five rounds

Click here for complete standings by grade including team standings

Kindergarten-  Awonder Liang, 5/5
1st- grade- Aravind Kumar, Benjamin Lu and Dawson James Lipman-5/5
2nd grade- William Radak, Zachary Tanenbaum and Albert Lu-5/5
3rd grade- Jonathan Chiang and Alex Liu-5/5
4th grade- Christopher Wu, Matthew Zeitlin, Yash Pershad, Bryce McClanahan, Dillon L.Holder-5/5
5th grade- Kyle Shin and Michael Ainsworth-5/5
6th grade- Jarod Pamatmat, Sarah Chiang and Brian Li-5/5
7th grade-Dipro Chakraborty, John Lodger Hughes, Nicholas Rosenthal, Luciano Aguilar, Peter Fenger-4.5/5
8th grade-Ryan Jospeh Moon, Michael Chiang, Hengyi Wu, Elliot Sam Silberman-4.5/5
9th grade- Andrew Ng and Bob Siyuan Shao-4.5/5
10th grade- Marc Arnold and Alexander Heimann- 4.5/5
11th grade- Dalton Perrine- 5/5
12th grade-Toby Boas-5/5

Look for a list of final winners and more photos tonight, and Elizabeth Vicary's dispatch early next week.

Photo Gallery

All photos by Betsy Dynako unless noted

Abby Marshallin her second round game

7 rounds in three days does not leave a lot of time for chilling at the beach. Photo Elizabeth Vicary

Hats on at the bughouse championship

Brooklyn Kings team at the fountain