USCF Statement on Susan Polgar
By Bill Goichberg   
November 22, 2008
Susan Polgar, a member of the US Chess Federation's Executive Board, has recently made misleading public statements regarding the Kamsky-Topalov match and USCF's open letters to FIDE.  The purpose of this statement, approved by a majority of the Executive Board, is to set the record straight.
1.  USCF's open letters to FIDE were written at the request of the Kamskys and did not interfere with their objectives.  It was appropriate that USCF voice public support for our world championship contender, who we believed was not being treated fairly.
2.  Nothing in USCF's public statements was in any manner critical of the Bulgarians.  Although the Kamskys had earlier called for a neutral match location, we appreciate the bid from the Bulgarian Chess Federation which made possible the match after FIDE retracted its offer of sponsorship.
3.  Susan Polgar has commenced a legal action against USCF for $25 million that we believe is without merit, requiring the federation to incur significant legal fees that could be better spent supporting United States chess players.  Ms. Polgar does not speak for the USCF or a majority of its Executive Board.

Bill Goichberg
President, US Chess Federation