King's Island Kicks Off
By TIm Moroney   
November 15, 2008
We are in for another exciting and highly competitive event here in Mason, OH, as the 17th Annual King’s Island Open, running Nov. 14-16, kicks off to a big start. The 3-day Open section drew early blood on Friday night, with IM Dmitriy Berkovich being upset by Gerald Larson on board 6.


Meanwhile, Carl Bixel scored an upset win over GM Anatoly Lein on board 8. Yes, you read correctly—titled players are running all the way to board 8 in the 3-day schedule! With 162 players opting for the 3-day, King’s Island already boasts a power-packed entry list with Sadvakasov and Shabalov leading a field of five GMs and six IMs. The King’s Island Open is the place to be this third weekend of November. Expect to see some explosive games by tournament’s end, so check back for CLO's closing report.