When In Doubt, Take It!
By Glenn Petersen, Editor, Chess Life for Kids   
November 11, 2008
That's the advice of GM Larry Evans.  When your opponent offers you  material, take it, and defend to the end!

The chess-playing voters of Earth have chosen to capture Greg's offered c4-pawn with their bishop, exposing Earth to counter-attacks along the now half-open c-file.

But is this a true sacrifice of a pawn? Is it leading to an eventual escape for the land-locked rook from f1 - which has been in jeopardy for longer than most of us can remember?  Will Earth be able to retain a material advantage, now that one has been gained?

When Astronaut Greg Chamitoff sends in his reply tomorrow, Earthlings and the students from Stevenson Elementary School will find out!

Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 13....Bxc4)

While we await Greg's next move, you may enjoy checking out the following:

Part-time Florida resident Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk - recently crowned Women's World Champion while playing for her native Russia - has provided uschess.org with a nice story about the historic significance of this Earth vs. Space match .

USCF Correspondence Chess Director Alex Dunne has been providing commentary on recent moves, which you can see when you replay the game in our Chess Viewer.

By the way, this isn't the only game Greg has in progress.  He also has games with six Mission Control Centers around the world, and you can view those games in the Chess Viewer by clicking on "Game List."

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