Larry in Clear Lead at World Senior
November 7, 2008
IM Larry Kaufman has pulled ahead in the World Senior Championship ( Bad Zwischenahn, Germany, October 28-November 11), taking the clear lead with a penultimate win over GM Miso Cebalo.  

Larry will be playing the final round against IM Alexander Zakharov. Check out the complete final round pairings. Larry Kaufman talked to the organizer about tiebreaks and told CLO: "Obviously if I win I am champion, and if I lose I cannot be champion. If I draw, the calculations show that I will be champion unless GM Uhlmann beats GM Cebalo...So I don't really know if a draw is enough or not until I see how the Cebalo-Uhlmann game goes."
Update: Larry tied for 1st with Suba and according to initial calculations, takes the title and GM title on tiebreak. Check back for confirmation!

If he comes out on top, Larry Kaufman will be awarded the GM title instantly. A draw (even if he lost out on the championship title to Uhlmann on tiebreaks) would give him a high enough performance rating for a GM norm, but unfortunately, the average rating of his opponents is ten points too low (2370) according to FIDE rules.

See previous thoughts by Larry on the Senior Open including his annotations on a win over a GM, how Rybka helped him in round four and an arrival report.

Watch the action live at 4 AM EST. Good luck Larry!